I’m Sarah.

Step and Repeat Sarah and Cat Multnomah Falls, OR me

Remy Food Gallery Chefs Wedding Gophers

Here are some Sarah related highlights…

  • I am the overly obsessed mom to a Golden Retriever named Remy. You’ll see lots of pictures of him on my blog, I’m sure.
  • I the owner of a catering company called Food Gallery Catering, located in the Twin Cities.
  • I’m 33.
  • I’ve always worked in restaurants/catering companies/coffee shops but I’ve also worked for a big consumer electronics corporation, in a 3rd grade classroom, for a small innovation company working in the electric vehicle space, and as a food sensory panelist (AKA, human lab rat) for a really, really big company. I’ve dabbled in network marketing as well.
  • I went to school for Advertising and Art. My 18-22 year old self thought this would be the best course if I wanted to be creative and still get paid.
  • I’ve lived in or around Minneapolis my whole life.
  • As I get older, I am starting to see the appeal of living in a small town even though I also love having access to the amenities of a big city (dining specifically). If I owned lots of homes, one would be a condo in NYC, one would be a cabin on a lake, and one would probably be in a pretty rural setting…maybe commune style where I could live close to friends and family but far away from everyone else. Also, I’d have to have a home on a beach somewhere. I better get working…
  • I’m funny (hey, when you got it, you got it).
  • I love to organize. I’m a list maker and I get that little tingle of joy deep inside when I get to cross something off a list.
  • I love reading recipes, watching cooking shows, and cooking. I also really love eating, which at times has gotten me into a little trouble in the weight department. Whoops.
  • I love to travel internationally but haven’t left the country since just after college. I used to leave the country at least once per year. I’ve been to Australia, Fiji, and much of Europe. I’d love to hit up Asia ASAP. South America would be pretty sweet to.
  • I hate when people ask me what my favorite **fill in the blank** is. I don’t have a favorite movie, book, color, band, TV show… The only ‘favorite’ I know for sure is my favorite dog. But that’s because Remy is clearly the best, most awesome dog that ever was. He should be pretty obviously be everyone’s favorite, IMO.
  • I prefer the ocean to the mountains.
  • The biggest limiting fear I have in my life is the fear of how others are judging me. When I overcome that, and believe truly that it doesn’t matter, I’ll probably rule the world.

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