Week 1 – Ready, Set, GO! Diving right into the Master Keys

Fall Colors

The seasons are officially starting to change in Minnesota where I live. The leaves are changing color and the weather is getting cooler. I love this time of year!

All summer I’m on the go – there’s always a next social plan to look forward to, a slight but constant pressure to not waste the limited number of sunny summer days. Days are longer in the summer, and it seems like I’m always willing to fit in one more plan, one more task, one more agenda item.

But then the seasons start to change and suddenly the pace of things feels different. In Autumn, when the days get shorter, I tend to feel both a growing anticipation for the joy and community of the looming holiday season, and also a desire to slow down in my thinking, take more time to observe the beauty of the world around me. I think it’s the changing colors of the leaves specifically that gives me a whole new perspective on my surroundings. I notice trees that I usually don’t, and I take a little more time to marvel at nature. Change and preparation are everywhere you look.

I always feel like fall is the perfect time to turn inward. Unlike many who wait until January to set new years resolutions, I feel like the last quarter of the year is the best time to refocus on what’s really important – family, friends, self. Perhaps this happens for me in part because I have worked in the restaurant business for my entire adult life, and fall is when you gear up for your busiest season. Where summer can be a bit more free-wheeling, fall is the time to get serious and focus; on business, on relationships, on joy, merriment, thankfulness, and love.

I decided to join MKMMA because I have always believed that I have everything it takes to be wildly successful deep inside myself. For a long time though, I’ve had a hard time identifying my passion; pinpointing anything in my life that I would describe as a burning desire. I’ve feared at times that I am a passion-less person. But I don’t think that’s accurate. I just think that I’ve let fear get the best of me too often, and I’m ready to stop letting fear have so much power over me.

I sat last night, waiting, as is unfortunately typical for me, until the last possible moment to submit my Definite Major Purpose. I am someone who has always found it far easier to run away from pain rather than toward pleasure. Writing arbitrary business goals, setting half-hearted New Years Resolutions, starting a healthy new lifestyles that I abandon shortly after – I’ve proven to myself too many times that I can’t trust myself with the goals that I set. And, not wanting to feel like a failure, I’ve learned that it can be easier not to set goals at all. But I admire people who can set a goal and work towards it until it is achieved, no matter what gets in the way. I want to be that kind of person. I want to know exactly what I want, and want it so badly that I’m willing to suffer, and sweat, and persist until I’m there. I want to know what it feels like to have built a thriving business that supports myself, my family, and those whom I employ. I want to know what it feels like to be in a body that looks, feels, and performs at it’s peak. I want know how it feels to live without financial worry, and to live in a home that is a sanctuary that fills my soul when I’m in it. I want to know how it feels to make a tangible difference in my community, and I want to know what it feels like to be regarded as invaluable.

This will be a true journey of self discovery for me. The first step was getting something on paper for my DMP – a task that I resisted. But I did it and I’m excited to revise until I can confidently say that I have a bonafide burning desire within myself and a path that no one and nothing can stop me from forging.

So, here’s to change! And, may the beauty of the changes inside of me reflect the beauty of the changing colors of Fall.


2 thoughts on “Week 1 – Ready, Set, GO! Diving right into the Master Keys

  1. WOW! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and desires! Although my story is different, I completely relate to how you are feeling. You have more passion and clarity than you give yourself credit for…I can’t help but hear it in your words that you have do beautifully spoken.


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